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1015_032-editDo you like to write with a fountain pen? Listen to music on vinyl? Drive an older car or ride a single-speed bike? If so, you might also like to explore the wonderful world of film photography – and this blog is for you.

Going back to basics with your picture taking is a good way of becoming a better photographer. While digital photography is a tremendously powerful tool that delivers superb image quality, it rides roughshod over elements like discipline, patience and consideration that shooting with film encourages.

Ever framed up a picture then decided not to shoot it, because it’s not really that good? If the answer is yes then it’s likely you’ve shot with film. If you’d shoot it anyway, then chances are you haven’t, and your hard drive is full of lots of pictures that have never made the grade.

One of the misconceptions of film photography is that it’s expensive. Another is that it’s difficult. In reality, neither of these things needs to be true. Hopefully, the articles on this blog will show you that film photography can be just as easy to shoot as digital, and the total cost of doing so is less that you might think.

And remember, film photography is as much about the process of shooting as it is about the results. Enjoy every moment – and share your experiences with us here.

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Ian Farrell.
Film photographer

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